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Wow, lots of private parties so far this season, but here are some of the public gigs I have coming up...

Drums every Monday!
We are back at the Jazz Kitchen Jam Session from 6:30 - 10 pm.  Come sit in!

Vibraphone every second Tuesday of the month!
8-10:30 @ The Chatterbox 

Drums every third Tuesday of the month w/ Mina Keohane, Fred Withrow, and Sandy Williams 8-10:30 @ The Chatterbox 

October 24th
Vibraphone w/ Josh Silbert
@ Circle Center Mall 5-7 pm

October 27th

Percussion w/ Matt Mays Talking Heads tribute

Melody Inn 10-midnight

October 28th
Drums/steel pan w/Island Mixtape @ Meridian Hills Block party 5:30-8 pm

November 2nd
Steel pan w/ Alexo Cazares 

December 14th
Percussion w/ Circle City Steel @ George's Grill 6:30-9:30 pm

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